20 February 1944

What a lazy afternoon. I've been dozing on my cot. Yesterday was the first time we got any time off in 3 weeks. Then at that we had been up most of the night before. Getting up at 1:00 A.M. Sat. morning to go on a problem. Last week, even though we had come in from the field, seemed to be our hardest. They literally worked us to a frazzle. We all felt worn-out. Not much to do today. No Sunday papers here. No radio. May go to a show tonight. "Broadway Rhythm" is the name. Have a cavity in one tooth. In the one that supports the bridge on the right side. Not going to have an Army dentist work on it, but am going to wait until I get home. Got a "booster" tetanus shot yesterday. By the way, saw a wonderful movie last week. "Jane Eyre", starring Orson Welles + Joan Fontaine. It was a most unusual thing, + must have followed the book rather closely. I thought it a very powerful + dramatic play. You must see it; see if you won't agree. A picture of beauty made out of somber tones. The cycle ends the 26th of this month. One more week of training here. May hope for leave anytime after that; probably sometime the first week of March being the most likely. Trust I'll have enough money to come home on. Don't know yet how far the government will take me. Ought to be as far as Kansas City anyway. Don't worry, I'll make it.
Love, Melvin