22 March 1944

I've got more things to tell you - but can't. Can't tell where we are, where we've been, or where we're going; or what we're doing. We've been moving about lately and seeing things - literally speaking. Everything we write is subject to censorship. A joke we have is, "Say hello; I'm fine; how are you?' goodbye". I am O.K. though. Feeling fine. How are you + the baby? I've been anxious to hear whether Elaine has gotten over that sick spell. My mail from now on will be void of detail - of things I'd so much like to tell you. All I can say is you'd be surprised to see me now. You possibly won't hear from me so regularly + so often as before. Hope you understand. Am enclosing a government check for $5.16, issued to me for rations while home. Endorse it and cash it. I think you can do that. Keep the money. The bond allottment hasn't been changed yet. Maybe it can be taken care of sometime soon. My temporary A.P.O. number is 15178. Mail sent with that number will always reach me though I'll get a permanent number later. Don't worry about me. But please write often.
Love, Melvin