15 April 1944

Dear Sister,
The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL You'd be surprised to know how little I can write now that I'm here. I can say though that I'm somewhere in Northern Ireland, otherwise known as Ulster. Also, the country here is beautiful (but that doesn't altogether alleviate homesickness), and there are some unusual and quaint sights. The weather isn't so good right now - always wet and chilly. I'm getting along fine. Miss a lot of good old American things - for instance, hamburgers, candy, ice cream and a host of others, though. If you really want to, (excuse me if this sounds like begging), you can send a small parcel of candy or other food that is compact and more or less concentrated and that will keep. There are a few regulations on the matter. Will write again.
Love, Melvin