13 May 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL Forgive me for not writing for so long. Seems as if it's sometimes difficult to find the time (- and ? ) again sometimes I'm in a "blue mood" which isn't conducive to good letter writing. By the large though I'm getting along all right. I'm in pretty fair physical condition and my feet can take the walking. Oh, yes, I'm still in England. At least I'm getting a "trip abroad" from this and afterwards I can tell you all about it. But what a wonderful country America is. You don't realize it until you leave it. Where else do you have all the conveniences, comforts, pleasures, and the stuff that makes up good living? Did you know that refrigerators, electric wash machines and irons are "unheard of" luxuries over here? And I miss the good old American foods. We have dreams about fresh eggs, fresh milk, hamburgers, ice cream and real home-style coffee. Also cold beer, though the British type warm ale isn't so bad at that. Don't misunderstand me to be depreciating the British. It's a lot in what we're used to and also the fact that America has so much national wealth. But sometimes I think what a wonderful tourist trip one could have here in peace times; if you can get me out of the house again when I get home. Living conditions in these camps here might almost be called primitive. But you sort of get used to that. To change the subject: today I had that left tooth of the supporting tooth for the bridge removed. It had decayed badly. The bridge also is removed and will be put back with an extension over the next live tooth on the left. Some fun! But I must be tougher, because I stood it a lot easier than I did the time I first had work done on the bridge. It was the same kind of thing over again. And the worst of that is over now again. Haven't heard from you lately, but expect to any day though. Will write O. Knowlton soon.
Love, Melvin