23 May 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL (A portion of this letter is damaged and unreadable.)

I've received big handfuls
three days. Some were recent
April. They were wonderful.
over. A lot of things were c
didn't fully understand from
I can't begin to answer all
to now, but will a little later -
time - in a longer letter. I suppose
some of my recent letters to you
a bit.
Also got a letter from Gus (really
for her to write), one from Dad, one from
Evelyn, and one from Orville. Gus +
seemed to show much pleasure in hearing from
me. Orville's was a masterpiece of wit. I'll
send some of these letters to you as entertainment
some time. Like to have you read them. Think Orville's offer of a job to you quite a wonderful thing. Tell him I thank him deeply for his generosity. It seems almost miraculous that Dad seems to be recovering. I'm very happy about it. I'm still in the same place as before. There're so many things I can't tell you, but after the war I will a tale unfold. Hope of getting that translator position seems to have gone aglimmering. I could think of several possible reasons but won't mention them now. However, since I know you worry about me, maybe you'll be glad to know that I'm picked as a mortar gunner. This is perhaps a slightly less dangerous position than than of a rifleman. Personally I'm not much worried about it all. You have to take it as it comes in the Army. The going may get rough, I don't know, but it can't last forever. The Smith boy is somewhere here in the same neighborhood. I see him occasionally. I'm in the same kind of outfit as he, but that should be no occassion for alarm. Take it easy. The baby seems to be quite a little rascal. By the way, did she get scratched by that cat? Think you're holding something back. Will write more later.
Love, Melvin.