24 May 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL Will try to add a little to what I wrote yesterday. I didn't think that last letter I wrote was such a good one. Seems hard for me to write sometimes since I could explain things lots of times much better by talking. It might be I need more space than is provided on a V-mail and maybe more time. But I don't have an air-mail stamp now. Anyway, I'll try to answer a few questions in a hit or miss fashion. One thing - don't worry about me. I don't know why, but I feel everything will come out all right. There may be some rough days ahead, but I feel confident of returning home to you and the child when this is all over. Also, I'm quite proud to have been named as a mortar gunner. Perhaps it's vanity, but I believe they pick some of the huskier and more capable men for the machine-gun and mortar crews. At least all the other men in these weapon squads look to me like damn good men. About what form of mail to use - I believe V-mail is a day or two faster than air-mail. Not much difference. If you want to write a longer letter than usual - use the air-mail. Ordinarily V-mail is better perhaps. I have found time to read a bit from recent Life and Look magazines. Some good articles, especially one about Russia after the war and another about the Varsailles Peace Treaty. Would like to have you read them if you could find them - don't know what dates they were though. Am glad Elaine is such an out-door girl. Sure would love to see her and play with her. Be careful of accidents with her - such as pulling things off the table and getting scratched by the cat. She seems to have my natural stubborness. By the way, is she as pretty as she was? Wish I had my fountain pen. This one I'm using now is borrowed. Another little thing I'd like (for some strange reason is a package of marshmallows. My day-dreams are of you, the baby, + home.
Lots of love, Melvin