30 May 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL Just wrote Gus a letter - the third at least to her - which is pretty good, don't you think, for me. Her letter to me was awfull nice, offered to send me anything I wanted. But I don't need much more candy now, considering what's on the way. The "light snack" situation is much better here than in the other places I've been. The food at the mess hall is pretty poor though as a rule; seems to be poorly prepared. Can you read my letters? Should have a pen for writing. Haven't heard from you for about 5 days now. But may get a letter from you tonight. I figure that by now all your letters are caught up to me. It's warmed up here (same place as I was before) considerably in past few days. Almost hot now. Are my letters censored much? I'm feeling fine. Hope you and child are the same.
All my love, Melvin