5 June 1944

Had some extra money I didn't know how to spend - in the neighborhood of the cost of a small bond - so I just had it made out into a money order for $18.75 - which you will undoubtedly find enclosed. That'll be one more bond, no? Also found time to arrange for a change on my class B allottment effective July 1st I'm allotting $18.75 a month for the bond allottment to you; instead of the previous $3.75 monthly. You'll get the first bond under this plan the first part of August. There's not much to spend money for over here. This letter is all business, as you can plainly see.
But all my love, Melvin

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL Haven't heard from you for a week or longer now. But expect a letter any day now, maybe tonight. The other day I got two of the swellest boxes of assorted chocolates from Gus. They were certainly some'pin. I wrote a letter to almost everybody about a week ago - to you, Gus, Evelyn, O. Knowlton, Dad, and Evelyn. I thought they were pretty good letters. I've written Margaret + Marie (Lake City) some time ago. Received a letter from Margaret the other day. Also a carton of cigarettes from Evelyn. Appreciated them even though they are easily obtained and at 6c a package over here. Tried to head Evelyn off from sending them, but was too late. The weather has grown cool again here. There must be only three seasons over here - early winter, winter, and late winter. How's the baby? And yourself? Bet you're glad school's out. Nice to have time to yourself. I think you could handle that job at the Welfare Office very nicely.
All kinds of love, Melvin

Dear Evelyn,
The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL I got the carton of cigarettes the other day. Thanks a lot. It so happened they came in pretty handy as I was out and didn't seem to be able to find time to go to the PX after any. I suppose you've received by now my letter saying not to send cigarettes as that's one thing we can buy over here. But thanks a lot and it was my fault for not telling you sooner. The weather's cool again. Am in same place as before when I last wrote. Couldn't tell much more than that even if I knew more. Might add though that at present I'm assigned as a first gunner on a mortar (60mm) crew. The mortar is the front-line artillery. I feel rather proud of my new position, although you can't count on anything as certain in the Army - except change. Keep a letter coming my way every now + then.
Love, Melvin