7 June 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL The big day has come and talk of the just-begun invasion is on everybody's lips. Bet there's plenty of excited interest at home now at the news accounts of the unimaginable greatness of this historic undertaking. (excuse the polysyllabic words - been listening to the radio commentators too much maybe). I suppose you're worried about me, but I'm not, for here I am - in the same cockeyed place as before. What happens next I don't know but in some respects it would be rather bad to be entirely left out of this big show. In either event I'm not worried and I just wish I could pass on that feeling to you. Received a letter from you today (dated May 5) and one yesterday (dated May 15). So the daughter is quite a little personality. From your letter she seems to have that characteristic called adventuresomeness. And she seems to be devoted to learning new things, or shall we say, to the pursuit of knowledge. Anyway, I'd sure love to see her. Maybe I can in the not too distant future. Must say, I like it better here at this place than I did at first. Maybe more used to it, but also there've been a lot of little improvements to make it a lot better as a whole. (If I don't seem to write intelligibly it's because censorship cramps my style something awfully.) Believe you'll feel better in town than in the country - anyway under present conditions at where you are now. Sorry that you've been so shut-off from everything. Only thing that worries me is taking care of the baby. And Duane might hurt the child in one way or another. Anyway, let me know. And I think the idea's fine basically. Got a nice box of stuff from Evelyn - candy, gum, nuts. She's treating me better, no?
Loads of love, Melvin