8 June 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL I seem to have a little free time now - so I'll write you a note. It's very cool here, almost cold, and the skies are overcast, looking like rain. The boys in the tent here are playing poker and some are reading. I haven't gambled since leaving home, except once in Ireland - on which occasion I cleared a little over 37 shillings (close to $8.00) at blackjack. Gambling does get you acquainted with the currency of a new country. When I get home I'll make you sit + listen for minutes at a time telling you all about what I've seen + heard over here. Remind me to tell you about Picadilly Circus. I've never been there, mind you; I've just heard. SInce being in this country I've been on pass once to a small nearby town. I could use a fountain pen. Even a cheap one might do. Can't seem to buy one here. Expect you're in Missouri Valley by now. Hope you like it there. And take good care of that child of ours.
Love, Melvin.