17 June 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL Received your letter in which you mentioned school being over; also that you received a nice compliment from the director's wife. I'm proud of you for your teaching abilities-as well as for several other nice qualities. Good going. I'll be proud to see you as a stenographer in the Welfare Office likewise. Here's something that ought to interest you: obtain the May 15 issue of Life magazine. Life Magazine, May 15, 1944 There's a picture in it of troops disembarking. I'm not in the picture but----. There're some things about the picture that are closely connected with me. I'll tell you more later. Anyway, keep that picture. Might as well keep the whole magazine. It's the last picture in that particular article. The other day in pistol practice I hit the silhouette target 7 out of 7; one shot was a bulls-eye. Which is fair for a pistol. The weather has been cold and rainy here lately as usual, I might say. It was warm and sunny today, though. I know very little of the Army's plans for my future, and can't tell what little I do know. It's to be expected though that there may be periods of time when I'll be too busy to write. I'm still in England at this writing. In my free time I seem to enjoy reading about as much as anything. I read the Army newspaper, Stars & Stripes, the Yank magazine, as well as Life and Newsweek. Listening to music is a pleasure that we seldom have the opportunity of enjoying. Did hear today though an Army orchestra's rendering of Easter Parade, Man on the Flying Trapeze, and Chloe. There were really well played. I have a particular fondness for the last- named song. It's getting dark (10:35) in the tent, although it'll be fairly light outside until about 11:45 yet. Sunrise at about 4:55 (So time to close).
I love you, Melvin