12 July 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL I have a bit of time now to write you. I'm all right, feeling fine, although pretty tired and dirty. We've been in action the past several days. It's really a pretty rough sort of life. Been sleeping in holes in the ground these many nights. Have a profuse growth of beard right now, and my clothes are so dirty they can stand up by themselves. But as I said before I'm O.K. and hope to remain so. Maybe our outfit will be relieved one of these days. I haven't heard from you lately, but expect I will any time now. I'll be a happy little boy when this is all over and I can start back for home.
All kinds of love, Melvin

Note: Though this V-Mail is dated June 12, 1944, it is my belief the actual date was July 12, 1944. This letter is written from Co. L, 314th Infantry Reg, but he did not join this unit until late June and all correspondence prior to and after this letter up to June 29th are from Co. F. His June 29th letter first mentions his transfer to a different unit. This V-Mail also mentions fighting that isn't present in any of his correspondence prior to June 29th.