16 July 1944

I'm now back behind the front a ways for a short period of rest. Can't tell you much more than that, for that's about all I know. Hope they don't push us too hard in the days to come. I think we all have a sort of dread to returning to action, but things may go a little easier with us now (At least we rather have that kind of feeling about it.) Yesterday we rode back to a place where we got hot showers. Also have been issued new clean clothes. Added to that the fact that we are not getting hot meals (with coffee) - and we feel pretty good. Not to forget to mention lots of sleep. During the past several days I've done lots of praying. Perhaps you could add a prayer or two to mine - it would help that much more. You don't know what a grateful happy man I'll be when I get back. You, the baby, and the old familiar things of home-all seem like a pleasant dream. But don't you worry now. For it can't be so very long before this thing will be over.
I love you very much. Melvin