25 July 1944

Have been getting mail from you again for some days now. Some of it fairly old and one recently written in which you expressed anxiety over my present situation. Also got a letter from Orville. They were all well. You can't imagine how much they cheered me up. All the little details about you, the baby, the Knowltons, the office, etc. seem very important. You're doing remarkably well in your typing; I'm surprised at the accuracy of it. (Don't misunderstand that last statement.) There's so many things for me to write, especially now that I've heard from you again, but not much space for it. Anyway, I'm still O.K.-taking it easy right at the moment. The Lord was with me before (I've reason to be thankful), and have every confidence of making the grade all right. Will write more later.

His letter hints at a close call or a brush with death in which he prevailed.