1 August 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL The time I last wrote you-I got 10 letters that afternoon (from you except 1 from O.K.). Yesterday I got 6 more letters. So we must be about on a current basis again. Should take about 11 days for mail-now that the Army Post Office has me located. I can't attempt to answer these letters individually, but can only say they were wonderful. Also got a big box from you as well as one from Gus. Wrote Gus today. I've been in a few fights, but...(scribbled out here by censor)...Oh, my...(scribbled out again)...We're evidently getting a little well- earned rest today. Do the French welcome us with open arms. Flowers, cider, flags, greetings, Viva l'Amerique, and church bells ringing. The country here is very beautiful. Very hot the last two days though. It has been very cool. Oh, yes, traded two candy bars for over a lb. of butter. I get along well with the French.
Love, Melvin