7 August 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL I'm getting mail from you regularly now. Your letters are wonderful. I've enjoyed every word of them. Sure would like to see that daughter of ours. Is she pretty? Bet she is. The lieutenant told me part of my last letter to you would be censored. Seems as if we can tell practically nothing of what we're doing. Anyway, you can read the newspapers and know more about it than I. (By the way, letters to me are never censored.) The French people, when we've seen them, seem overjoyed at our coming. They give us anything they can. Treat us like kings. Must say, our present mode of life is pretty miserable sometimes; but the good news coming in makes everything look brighter. Write Melvin B. for me. I won't have time. How's Carl & Opal? Tell Knowlton and family and grandma "hello"; also Mrs. Chase & daughter.
Love, Melvin