9 August 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL There really isn't much to write-or that I can write-but might mention that I'm well and feeling fine. Perhaps I can say that once in a while I act as interpreter for some of the boys in going out looking for eggs, butter, and milk. But must admit we aren't often lucky enough to find any - so we still dream fondly of fried eggs and lots of butter. Also, the daily allottment of coffee isn't nearly enough. So if you would send a pound or 1/2 pound of soluble coffee (like Nescafe) as soon as possible - it would be greatly appreciated. Imagine the stuff is a bit expensive. I'm quite proud of the fact of your working at the Relief Office. Think I'll write Gus another letter today. Be seeing you.
Love, Melvin