22 August 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL I was awarded the combat infantryman's badge today. Haven't decided yet whether to send it home now or wear it home later. The $10.00 extra pay going with the badge I've already been receiving for some time now. Have received your first & second August letters. The pictures (2) of the baby were wonderful. We really have a remarkable child. It couldn't be entirely paternal pride that she appears to be so lovely. Don't worry, I'll appreciate you too. To me, the war seems long. It goes with out saying that it's full of unpleasantness. But I'm getting along all right. By the way, I never miss a church service any more (we have them whenever possible in the field).
Love, Melvin

General Order #4 Awarding Combat Infantry Badge

The Combat Infantryman Badge was awarded to Infantry members for satisfactorily performing their duty during active ground combat with the enemy. The recipient must have been personally present and under hostile fire to be eligible for this badge. Post-war, its awardees were also eligible for the Bronze Star.