30 August 1943

Was I tired today! Couldn't sleep very well on the train. Tonight went to class at the R.C., where I am now (Information Bldg.), and practically went to sleep in class. Didn't get much out of it-clerical procedures-but most of us don't (not having books to study with the class work)! Wish this war was over-as you know-because I seem to dislike army life intensely. I'm just not made that way-though I admire a good soldier very much. The trouble with a pass is that it's so darn temporary and you have to go back. Hot here today again. By the way, I read in the paper tonight that the common housefly has been definitely proved to be one of the main carriers of polio!!! That doesn't mean there aren't other means of infection, but the filth carried by the fly is known to often times contain polio germs and to carry these germs to people (by careful experiments with monkeys). So you know what to do about flies now!!! Perhaps (?) I was too harsh in my condemnation of your money policy. I know you're not wasteful, and I don't blame you for anything you bought. Was just trying to emphasize my point of the desirability of saving money. I overdid it, of course, like other things I expostulate upon. Got letter from Eileen today (3rd) (and answered the 1st 2); also letter from O.K. and Mrs. Chase and Marcalla and Eileen all on one sheet- of brown envelope paper-in round-robin fashion. Delbart has been described by Eileen's letter as an "old-maid schoolteacher"; too darned nice for his own good. I'm looking forward to the day when we can reestablish a little home somewhere. Every month (this is about my 1st month) in the Army seems like a year or more. And I intend to do a little extra reading-classical you know-like French, Latin, etc. Funny I have a yen for that-but maybe it would be so utterly opposite to present-day life that that would be why I'd like it. Gus took quite a "shine" to the baby I thought. I liked that. Bet it was tough-going Monday at school. Should have helped you, but it was difficult for me to want to spend the remaining few hours of leave in a school-house. Well, there'll be an improvement in our lives one of these days, I hope. The offices (Relief and Draft Bd.) have been simply wonderful in their interest in me. Hope I can partly repay their kindnesses. May send some money home to you to deposit (If there is any left!) after payday.
Love, Melvin