9 September 1943

Got your letter dated 9/7/43 this P.M. I haven't received any 5 spot yet; perhaps you'd better send one five right away. I'll need it for a reserve. I have this business of running short of money. Trying to cash a check around here is worth your life, although I finally got one cashed ($4.00 on the Logan Bank) after having it endorsed by an officer. I don't want to have to go through that again. Paid off $2.25 in debts immediately, besides 2 packages of camels I borrowed and I now have about $1.00 left. I was perhaps lucky to get that check cashed; sort of pulled a fast one: one PX refused (by new order) even though the check was endorsed by a CO; but another PX, either hadn't got the order of didn't know about it, so -. Wonder what happened? Bet you didn't give Gus a full enough address. I did get the letters - immediately the morning after I last wrote you. That picture was precious. I thought the baby had her most natural, charming smile. Mail me about $5.00 immediately. Pay-day is - nobody seems to know. Ihe 1st check is always slow. I'll probably have about $15.00 balance after deductions. I don't know how to explain my money hardships at present - but things are always coming up. Have to buy new stripes - dark blue - instead of sun-tans; new regulation. Glad your children are nice. O.K. must not have said a whole lot on his visit. But he wrote recently, and said somewhat the same you did. M. Nin Tier (?) was there a day. Quitting and taking a new job in Denver. Guess she is just the way she always was. But that reptilian A. Noxon. He would say that I left the office 100 cases behind! He was counting some of those of his I wouldn't sign - and exaggerating and lying on the rest. True, I was a few behind - about 40 I believe - but it was 50 when I started. Notice though that Delbart has hired a new investigator (Senior Worker from Boone). Did you know that? He now has 2 workers under him - but O.K. says that just makes it look better for me. I'd like to get my hands on that rat Noxon though! The next time I'll have no sympathy for him. What did O.K. tell Noxon on that retort to the statement about the 100 cases behind. Well - hard day today. Really hard. Up at 3:00 A.M. to take a detachment of K.P.'s to the mess-hall. Another detail all morning. Basic training all afternoon and 1 1/2 hrs after supper. Marching, drilling, manual of arms, defense vs. chemical attack, and a road march of 5 miles. All with pack and rifle. Yesterday it was the obstacle course - you've heard of that. The big thing there was scaling the 8-ft. board wall (smooth). Then I laundered my fatigues (by hand) tonight. I think I'm getting pretty tough by now. Also learning some fancy tricks with the rifle. So I'm tired now and will soon retire to bed. Keep up your letters. They help a great deal. This Army is life is strenuous and good for you. But it's long, hard hours of work and training, and pretty lonesome quite often. Like to have another leave, but that's out of the question during B. trng. 6-8 weeks of it.

P.S. You should get an additional small check from the State Dept. of Soc. Wel. for 1 day of mil. leave with pay. A carry-over of the 30 days (actually 1 month or 31 days). Love, M.J.