26 September 1943

Well, I made it to K.C. again, and am now at the Canteen (Service Club). Remind me to tell you what a wonderful place it is; all the comforts of home. Spent the P.M. here. Got away from camp after dinner for a short respite. Have I ever been put over the barrel the past week, or perhaps I should say weeks. First free hours I've had practically for 7 days has been this afternoon. I was C.Q. (Charge Quarters) from 4:00 PM Sat to 9:00 A.M. Sunday, and I haven't slept over 1 + 1/2 hours in the past 36 hrs. or more (since 5:00 A.M. Saturday). We always hate C.Q. but it comes around in turn every now and then. Am going back on the 9:00 P.M. bus and get a good night's sleep. Feel pretty good though. By the way, I wore my O.D.'s (Olive drab woolens) for the first time today. I think I look pretty good in them. Hope you think so too when you see me. (Got a short pencil; can't write well.) 3 wks. of B. Trng. over! 3 weeks more (we believe) to go. Oh, boy, is it tough. We do everything. By the way, scaled the 8-ft. wall again, this time with a full pack on my back, on a rerunning of the obstacle course. Also had a forced march last wk., at a rapid rate of speed, but it wasn't the long one we had anticipated. That's coming. Also had dress review. Everything - clothes, rifles, belts, leggins, haircuts, finger nails, - had to be perfect. Do you know - but I don't make too much out of it, it's very likely a temporary or as the name implies, purely acting position that at present I'm acting Platoon sergeant for the first platoon of Co. C. That is, I'm the designated leader of a row of ten tents, housing a total of about 40 men and 1 other non-com. But - ooooooh - is it a job! I seem to be doing all right most of the time. The trainees all seem to like me (perhaps that's not G.I. or Army policy though), and I'm really getting them so they snap into a command. I "take them out" on marches, drilling, etc. I'm not crazy about the job though as it's full of thousands of little responsibilities. Besides the T.O. (Table of Organization) probably won't permit them making me of any higher rank than at present. In other words, the quota is full, and will remain static. But I appreciate the honor of it, shall I say? After B. Trng. is over, I'm scheduled for a ten-day pass! !!! Get it? I'll have to wait my turn though, but can designate a choice of dates. When shall I make it? The Dec. 20-30 period and November 20-30 period are pretty well spoken for. They all want those days. So that's out. But probably most of the other dates from the last of October on maybe open. I'm sure anxious to get home. Don't know if I could get a 3-day pass now as the furloughs might be the sum totals for awhile. Appreciated your description of the baby. How she must be changing and growing. Also I admire your working. It's getting close to 9:00. Must close. Will write again, if circumstances permit, soon. Miss you. Love, Melvin