6 October 1942

I got your card today. Sure miss you. Hope you hurry back. I thought about that long ride. So you think it didn't bother you any. So you think Carl will get married? Personally, I think it a damn good idea. I'd like to be there for the wedding, if such should eventuate. Got all the dishes washed tonight. Been busy as usual at the office and around. Wrote my first order in relief today. That's the final step; so I've done one whole relief case myself. Sent a woman to Mercy Hospital for radium tratment of a face cancer and treatment of a lesion on hip. OK came up for lunch this noon. He brought some bologna, cream, and pecan rolls. Used our cream through, in the coffee. He's been awful nice to me lately, especially today. He told me a few things about what's coing on in the office. Here's the main ideas:

Noxon didn't come to work today, and OK tells me he went to Omaha to see about a job in the Bomber Plant. Also that Noxon is quite "mad" because he doesn't think he or the other workers will get more than a $5.00 raise. OK and Noxon have been working on the idea of a $25.00 raise; even talked to one of the Supervisors, who said that both boards were quite willing to give a $25.00 increase to all four workers. With this assurance from the Board of Supervisors and I believe it, the only other answer that Noxon and OK can get is that Bob is blocking the $25.00 raise. Mr. Brundidge, member of the Bd. of Supervisor, told Noxon that they were surprised when a request for a mere $5.00 raise was put before them. OK thinks Bob feels he will have a better record if he keeps salaries down, as well as relief costs. I don't know what to think of it. However, I didn't commit myself about it to OK, except to say that I wouldn't stay on this job "forever" (used figuratively) for a mere $100.00. OK thinks that Bob would have a sweet mess on his hands if 2 or 3 of his workers quit, as workers are practically not to be found. Well, I'll wait and see. You got a card from Mildred here and an announcement from Don and Marge on the baby. Don says to see them if you're in town. Don was quite tickled at the natal event. The grocery bill was $17.70. Rather high. OK is gripped because the price of living has increased 45% since Pearl Harbor and he's losing about one-half or more of his mileage at the same time, with no prospect of an increase in salary. Not to forget it, I sent $6.00 today for a brief case. I chose the one with straps and lock instead of the one with the zipper. I liked the look of it alot better. Also paid Hapvery's $5.00 and the load of $2.00. So I have $2.00 left now. I talked to Dr. Sarff. He said that it would be all right to examine you when you got back to Logan; at the end of this week, I suppose it will be. Well, this is all I can think of. Hope your mother is better. And I sure miss you, as is what I expected. Hope you hurry back. Lot's of love. Melvin