26 October 1944

The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL I wrote Gus today and will write to Margaret and to Evelyn, to whom I owe letters. Your letters have been coming regularly; also one now and then from O.K. Yes, I got the box from Margaret. Oh, yes, that last picture of the child was wonderful. Words are inadequate to tell you how much I think of the little darling. At present I'm in a (censored) We've earned a rest. Don't know how long we'll be here. But it's wonderful to eat regular hot-cooked meals again and to sleep warm and dry at night. One day at dinner I ate 5 large hamburger steaks, besides potatoes, gravy, bread, etc. That morning had 5 pancakes for breakfast, plus other things! Can't seem to get enough to eat! Did I tell you how beautiful you are in the picture I have of you (the large one of you and the child)!
Love, Melvin

At the writing of this letter, Melvin was in Luneville, France at what was called a "Respite Depot". This was censored in his V-Mail.