27 October 1943

Just a few lines; to inform that everything's not so bad. I was pretty down-hearted for a couple of days when I got back here. But feel much better now. Maybe the fact I have a suspicion where I'm going helped some. I "hear" we're going to the west a considerable distance and in a large contingent. I can't be more detailed than this right now. I know it'll make you unhappy to be separated so far, but distance is not so important. I can't come home for good until the war's over anyway. There's a feeling of relief in knowing you're going someplace instead of not knowing where you're going. This is a big camp - one of the best - we're heading, and I'll see some country too. Get those sun-tans done up-anyway 1 pair- for I may need them. And as soon as you get my new address, send a change to me there. I don't have any sun-tans with me now. If you can, please. I'm at the Reception Center on Shipping Order #42. It is believed that number goes out tomorrow. Hope your stomach is feeling better. And that everything else is fine with you. Among those 17 non-coms sent out of the S.T.U., one had been head of the School of Journalism at Kansas State College and was an M.A. So you see.... Don't worry about me. I'll make it all right. Save your money. And I'll be seeing you.
Love, Melvin