2 November 1944

Dearest, (from Dorothy to Melvin)
The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL It has been ten days since I received your last letter. That was dated October 7th. It seems so long ago. I'm anxious, of course. I've been quite busy this week - this being the first of the month. We have tests in shorthand about every day; so I have to work. The best I've netted in typing is 60 words a minute. That isn't usual, tho. Business is picking up in this department. We have added quite a number to our case load. Politics is quite hot. Some of the silliest arguments. I stay clear of them. Here is one that made me burn: The war would be over if it wasn't for the election, the buying of war bonds is prolonging the war.-- This from Harvey Faith. One woman wrote in to the Omaha paper a letter that slayed me. "Mrs. Dewey has said that where her husband was, there she would be. This compares to the words of our dear Savior who said, "Where my disciples are there you will find me." Elaine tries to sing snatches of "Swing upon a Star." She says practically everything. Last night she said, "Pooch bark outside," and he certainly was. She says "O.K." and "Oh, Boy"! The weather was like summer the first days of the week, and a number of times she did some stripping, and got spanked. You surely have my letter with the picture of Elaine, and the mention of the car. That should make you feel swell. Orv had your old alarm clock repaired. It cost $1.50, but now we get to work on time. Imagine that! Orv kids me about studying all the way to work. Says I'm going to have to get a flash-light, now that the days are getting shorter. Arthur B. is home again for a short stay. I haven't heard from Melvyn B. Did I tell you that Marie Bishop is engaged? Also that Merwin's have a baby girl? Oh, yes, my T.B. shot was negative. Maybe you'll get a part of your Xmas boxes about Thanksgiving. Someone said they did last year. You should have a good Xmas, as far as boxes are concerned. I'm rather concerned about you.
Love, Dorothy & Elaine

Letter was stamped "Return to Sender". Melvin was wounded on 16 November and died of his wounds on 18 November 1944.