25 November 1943

Regret not having got a letter off to you sooner. Been intending to write for the past several days, but have been so busy. Am exhausted now. Out on the firing range from before dawn until dark and firing the M1 rifle intermittently throughout the day - all this week except today and today my lot was to draw K.P. (Got some wonderful food to eat though). Starting firing for record yesterday afternoon and I hit 4 bullseyes out of 8 shots at 500 yards (some distance) - besides 3 4's (nearly bulls) and 1 lousy 2. Tomorrow we continue for record on the 200 and 300 yard lines. Hope I can get a good score. It takes some keen looking and hard work to stay on the target. We come in at night (Get up at night too-5:00 in the morning), and then must clean our rifle, our mess kits, and clean up ourselves last. By that time it's bedtime. This letter will be short. Will write more this Sunday I hope. This life is really rough. The men at Fort Leavenworth are sissies - by comparison. Food isn't as plentiful down here either. Had everything one's heart could desire today though. Turkey and etc. It's 11:30 and I'd better get to bed. The toilet kit was wonderful. So were the socks - just swell. May have enough socks for awhile. Went to Ft. Worth last Sat. P.M. and Sunday. Had wonderful time for those few hours. Tell you about it next letter. Got your card today. Letters from you are surely helpful. I get very homesick. Miss you and the baby. Dream of peace when I can return to the life of a home-loving family man (?) Maybe you don't think I am. Getting along all right. Hard as a rock: fit as a fiddle.
Love, Melvin