1 December 1944

Darling, (from Dorothy to Melvin)
The WW2 Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson -READ VMAIL The message came last night. Orv answered the phone, and altho I was close by, it didn't occur to me that it concerned me. I can't realize it. I feel stunned altho I've been living in fear of such a thing. My great hope is that you aren't suffering. I know you have been through hell. I told you before that no matter what might happen, I want you back. You must put forth every effort toward a recovery. No matter what the nature of your wounds/I will endeavor to adjust my life to your needs, and give you all the happiness I can. We have so much to go on with. I phoned Gus shortly after receiving the message. She said she felt that the call was concerning you. She said that when Bert called her to the phone, she was shaking so she could hardly come downstairs. I know her heart is with you. I wrote Dad, and will notify Evelyn. This morning as I was leaving our bedroom, I glanced at our daughter. She had her fingers over her eyes and was playing "Possum". Finally one little mischeivous eye popped out, and she gave me the sweetest smile. She has learned that I must leave her every now and then, and accepts it. When Orv is lying on the davenport, she'll put her arms around his neck and put her face up against his cheek. Oh, she is a most affectionate child! Melvin, I know you are getting the best of care. I'm glad you aren't experiencing exposure to this zero weather. I'm am truly greatful for that. I have great hopes of your returning to me soon. If you are to remain at a hospital, Elaine and I can come to see you, and that will help us all. I love you very much; so do your best for us.

I am always thinking of you.

Dorothy and Elaine

PS. Everyone at the Court House is deply concerned about you. Art Noxon seems genuinely sorry. He came in to this office to see Orv, and insisted that he wanted to give $5.00 toward anything that you might need or want. Orv is still remarking about it.