6 December 1944

Darling, (from Dorothy to Melvin)
No letter. If I could only hear from you! If you aren't able to write, is it possible to have someone do it for you? I'm very busy which is a very good thing. That telegram keeps ringing through my brain! If I only knew that you are improving! Somehow, I feel that you are. It should be comforting to you to know that we are all rooting for you...in my case it is much more personal than that. Drew Pearson said Sunday night that casualties have been very heavy on both sides, and seeing the papers, I can readily believe that. We take a lot of dictation in shorthand now. In three months we have built up quite a vocabulary. To-morrow she is giving us dictation at the rate of 80 words a minute. Whee! To-day she gave it to us at 45, and I thought I was really going. Really, this that I'm getting at the H.S. is very thorough. Logan is very fortunate to have such an excellent teacher. Our assignments have been very stiff. I didn't work at summer school as hard. This morning I did 55 words a minute in a fairly difficult speed test. I never do so well when we have the 5 minute ones; however, my rates are the best in the class. The 55 words were in a one-minute test. The best I have averaged in a five-minute is 45 words. There is no news. I love you.
Dorothy and Elaine