2 December 1944

Dear Dorothy,
(A letter from Clella to Dorothy)

So glad you called up last night. I couldn't think of everything to say. The telgram came here Thursday evening 5 o'clock. I told him where you were, he wouldn't tell if it was from the war department. Just said I don't know lady, but I knew and I worried all day. That evening Mildred called and told me it was in the paper. I am glad you are brave and I know he is getting good care. All we can do is to trust in our Father in heaven and he helps up threw (through) our triles (trials). It's awful cold here and about 3 in snow. We got them shucking corn but Tony has no help. Lawrence Nelson when the snow is gone. Did you get home alright? I hope you did. I wish you could surprise me again. I like it. I laughed so hard that my chest hurt that night. I haven't been away from home for a long time. Write as soon as you hear from Melvin.
With lots of love, Clella